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Our School of Surf

Las Dunas School of Surf was created by the union of several professionals, who have devoted much of their lives as well as extensive training to this sport. They have created a school aimed at the initiation and development in surfing techniques.

Our intention and what really motivates us is to share with you our love and respect for the sea and the sport that has given us the most exciting experiences of our lives.

For those who make up the Las Dunas School of Surf, quality is very important, so we have excellent facilities where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. We also work with the best and most prestigious technical equipment available to equip our Surf camps, and surfing courses.

Come and meet us and discover the security and confidence to surf Las Dunas School of Surf. All our instructors are recognized by the Spanish Federation of Surfing and are also qualified in first aid, emergency medical and water rescue. Our instructors, besides knowing the marine conditions and surroundings of their own surfing “backyard”, each have over 10 years surfing waves around the world.

Our Surf Camps

The Las Dunas School of Surf, also has a number of hostels at different locations on the Atlantic coast, where you will find a wide range of Surf camps for all ages and levels. At the Las Dunas School of Surf you can meet and surf the best waves supported by the experienced professionals:

surfcamp salinas

Surf camp Salinas - Asturias

In our Surf camp on Las Dunas Beach, located in Salinas, Asturias, lies one of the beaches of the Cantabrian Sea with the right surfing conditions consistently throughout the year. In addition, there are plenty of other nearby beaches with different surfing aspects where you can surf when conditions are suitable.

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surfcamp fuerteventura

Surf camp Fuerteventura

The Canary Islands are known as the ultimate European Hawaii. On the island of Fuerteventura you will find all sorts of beaches, seabeds, wind directions and conditions to enjoy the waves of world-renowned quality. In Fuerteventura surfing takes place 365 days a year. A true surfer’s paradise!

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surfcamp sahara

Surf camp Sahara - Marruecos

Would you like to surf alone in wild beaches next to the desert? Knowing amazing places in search of the best peaks? Our surf camp in the Sahara is only for lovers of true adventure, for those who enjoy the authentic surf safari. Are you willing to live an unforgettable experience?

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Our Surfing Courses

Each day more people want to experience the sensation of catching waves and discover why surfing generates such passion. In Las Dunas School of Surf, among other things, we will teach you the techniques to handle yourself in the waves, to understand the sea and enjoy the sport safely either as a beginner or advanced level. And we will always provide a safe and enjoyable experience but also the necessary dynamic element.

The best team, the best professionals, maximum safety, the right environment and the most prestigious brands in surfing at your disposal, all to discover the incredible feeling of surfing. Come and learn to surf in our schools in Salinas and Fuerteventura, both fun and learning are assured.