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Que ganas de que sea verano para ir a pasar una semana a Salinas, guardarme sitio eh?

Edurne García, Barcelona

Con las técnicas que me habéis enseñado estoy mejorando día a día!!Merci

Albert Pons, Tarragona

Es la primera vez que me aventuro a viajar solo y puedo deciros que me he sentido mejor que en casa.Gracias por todo.

Luis Pablo, Valencia

Han sido unos días increíbles en Fuerteventura, vaya olazas!! Nos vemos en Semana Santa, mil gracias por todo!!

Carolina, Madrid

100% recomendable! Calidad profesional y calidez humana. Muy buena onda en Salinas! Ahora toca Fuerteventura! Saludos!

Diego Staltari, Terrassa - Barcelona

Los monitores son unos máquinas, acabo de irme y ya tengo ganas de volver.

Javi, Oviedo

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Surfcamp Sahara

Surfcamp Features

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We started our Surf camp Sahara primarily to help street children. Without a doubt, our most ambitious project and the one we value most as individuals and surfers. So we want to encourage everyone to join in and travel to this spectacular area of pristine waves with your friends.

Some time ago we had the dream of creating the first Surf School / Surf Camp Sahara and so that we could do our little bit to try and change this part of the world for the better. At the same time we want to demonstrate to people that there is a way to help others through what you love, in our case through surfing.

In this spirit we went to Sidifni, where we met Hicham, a young man who wanted to change Morocco through a very special dream. Starting a surfing school to earn a living as well as helping Moroccan children.

Together with the support of the surfboards brand Surfboards Lennox, we created the first surf school in the former Spanish colony. Surfboards Lennox, as the official sponsor, provides all the necessary equipment for the Sahara classes.

Las Dunas Surfing School : Surfcamp Sahara Las Dunas Surfing School : Surfcamp Sahara Las Dunas Surfing School : Surfcamp Sahara Las Dunas Surfing School : Surfcamp Sahara Las Dunas Surfing School : Surfcamp Sahara Las Dunas Surfing School : Surfcamp Sahara Las Dunas Surfing School : Surfcamp Sahara

In addition, Las Dunas School of Surf, regularly assists in an advisory capacity as well as providing additional instructors and organizational expertise when needed to promote a professional approach for Surf camp Sahara.

As part of this project, we are creating a Day Centre, Surf Club, where Moroccan children can go once they leave school. This provides them with a safe environment in which they can surf or play and enjoy being what they are, children. In the Sahara there is little danger of drug addiction or crime. The real danger is the exploitation of children by their families. Sadly, children are a part of society that, in bad financial times, are forced to work.

At our surf school, they can have fun during the day while we look after them. At the same time they will learn all about surfing in the classes that have been prepared for them, so that they too can work with the surf camp when they are older.

The project's main aim is train professional Moroccan surf instructors and thus enabling the Surf camp to become self-sufficient.

To this end, we invited Moroccan adults involved in the project to come to our surf camp in Salinas, learn how to teach surfing classes as well as how to manage professional surfing school.

For our part, we will continue to improve the first Surf camp Sahara and also try to send as many as we can as surf camp guests, from Spain and elsewhere in the world.

Come to surf Camp Sahara and share this dream with us!

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